India’s First Startup Studio

Business Strategy

Majority of early stage founders struggle to collate the pieces that make the big picture. While some of this struggle is crucial to growing up, a lot of it can be detrimental to the growth and at times, even the survival of a venture. Timely and appropriate intervention with knowledge sharing helps bring efficiency and prevents wastage of time & resources. Collectively, we act like a co-founder helping startups with streamlining business models, prioritisation, structuring, financial modelling, hiring, access to networks, personal advice and much more.

Product Engineering

Our primary strength is building great products. We look at products as a sum total of myriad components starting from brand to UI/UX to technology to communication to data play and much more. A good product effortlessly communicates with its stakeholders and we’ve made it our mission to make it talk.


We’re not a fund. However, we’ve built partnerships with a number of institutional and individual funders who follow our portfolio keenly and actively participate. This seriousness is highlighted by the fact that over 90% of our startups have raised capital from prestigious VCs and angels. As part of our engagement, we help founders navigate through the entire process of preparation, pitch and the process that follows.

Growth Advisory

Early stage growth requires low-cost strategies with high ROI. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, each startup is unique and their ideas to reach & acquire customers for initial validation need to go beyond the conventional practices. With our wide experience of successful product launches, we collaborate with founders to help them achieve the crucial initial traction.

Team Building

Teams make or break organisations. Hiring a capable product team is a challenge that is common to most startups in the ecosystem especially those in the early stage of their existence. Not only do we help startups recruit members for their product teams, we orient and train them to take on the responsibilities of taking the venture forward.