Indo-Japan Startup Connect, Report 2022

Indo-Japan Startup Connect, Report 2022

Key Highlights


Indian startup founders are open to collaboration with Japan


Focused startups have the highest affinity towards collaboration with Japan

Venture Capital

Most popular demand of Indian founders from Japan

Japanese LP

Access the most popular demand of Indian investors from Japan

Table Of Contents

  • India’s Digital Economy In A Nutshell
  • Outlook Of India’s Startup Economy
  • Indo-Japan Collaboration
  • India – Japan | Startup Opportunities
  • Indo – Japan | Investing Opportunities
  • Indo – Japan | Possibilities Of Startup Collaborations
  • Collaboration Opportunities: ESG Startups In India
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Deeptech Startups In India
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Startup Investors In India
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Startup Industry Bodies In India
  • Methodology


The Indian startup ecosystem has come a long way. It was, indeed, a niche segment in 2014 with just about $5.3 Bn in venture capital funding. Fast forward to the end of 2021, and the sector has amassed more than $112 Bn in total cumulative funding. Following the growth of venture capital activity in Indian startups, the participation of foreign-origin investors has also increased. Overall, Indian startup founders from fintech, deeptech, ESG and other new-age sectors are keen to pursue business collaboration and venture capital access. However, Indian startups are not well aware of the relevant events organised by public and private institutions of Japan. Around 77% of the startup founders in India were unaware of such events and did not know much about the Japanese organisations promoting startup-to-startup collaboration in India.

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