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Investor Packages

Fund Conference Call Package


Call or Meeting arrangement with a Startup you’ve identified on our platform.


Product Description

  • The Waporta Team are here to help you engage with a targeted startup.
  • Our industry professionals will help coordinate and arrange your meeting.
  • Follow up, feedback in addition to free consulting with our team of experts.
  • Save time and hassle by letting us manage the startup and the meeting process on your behalf.

Investor Spotlight


Advertise your Fund in the spotlight area so startups contact you directly.

Product Description

  • Want every startup on our platform to notice your fund first on our homepage?
  • Spotlight ads are personalized ads that are tailored to your target audience by displaying your fund on our homepage when startups log in.  Spotlight funds are unique and our website which is visited on a daily basis by startups who will want to contact you.
  • When members click on your spotlight ads, they’ll instantly go to your fund profile. These spotlight ads are displayed on all platforms (mobile, desktop etc) in both Japanese and English.
  • An excellent way to market your fund to global startups that count.