NSW Going Global Export Program


new markets and exports manager for

tulloch wines I’m actually the fourth

generation in our family to be the

custodian of the family business my

father Jay whose third generation is

also involved along with my sister

Christina she’s our CEO she’s really

modernized it and grown it into the

really loved brand that it is today the

Going Global export programs have really

helped to guide me through the process


when you’re just entering a new market

how do you make those connections and

how do you find the value in that market

I’ve really actually been Guided by the

New South Wales Going Global export

programs in terms of which markets to

Target as well I’ve participated in

their programs over the last two years

first off with the South Korea program

and I’m very happy to say that as a

result of that program we have

established a relationship with an

export partner in South Korea generally

speaking you know you kick off with the

team that’s based in Australia from

investment New South Wales and then

after the first couple of calls where

you go through all of these introductory

information they then bring in the local

team that they’ve chosen to partner with

in country to really dig deep into the

laws the consumer preferences the

marketing they’ll go into supermarkets

and show you around virtually to see

what other products in your category

they have available already in market so

you can do a bit of a competitor

analysis and then the kind of final

points of the program are always a

meeting either in person or a virtual

meet the buyer program where you really

have an opportunity to connect with some

Distributors and buyers in Market I’d

really like to see us grow into another

two or three new export markets in the

next kind of one to two years now is the

time to start going and visiting some of

these people that I’ve managed to

connect with through the programs in

person in their countries