Influencers and social media (SNS) users from around the world can publish, discover, reserve, or sell influencer data on PATRON’s trustful platform on both web and mobile. PATRON is a one stop shop for social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves.

1 : Platform to drive the sharing economy of C2C / SNS media.
2 : M&A;: Selling and acquiring influencers
3 : Monthly Subscription / Sharing of influencers (Exclusive Ambassador Contract)
4 : SNS All Live -Powered by Switchboard-
SNS Media Sharing economy
“PATRON” and live simultaneous distribution service (partnered with SWITCHBOARD LIVE)
5 : ICO・Crowdfunding system / Crowdfunding 2.0 (ICOs) specialized for influencers

To create next-generation services for influencers and provide a platform give equality to influencers, both globally famous and local. Try this immediate bitcoin plattform to generate daily profit.


We want to make a global impact on the level of Apple and Google and bring Japan’s thriving tech and influencer scene to new markets. Over the past four years we have worked with influencers and social media. We have the network built, the experience, and the technological expertise to make this dream a reality.

Secondly, cryptocurrecies have a role to play in economical growth of a country. Not only the countries, even social media giants like Facebook have launched their own cryptocurrency to expand their services. Likewise, China has launched E Yuan which can be traded through the official app called Yuan Pay App. The app is absolutely free of cost for the traders to use.

Achievements to Date

Here are a sample of ICOs we have worked with and supported in 2017:

Token/Method of Token Sale

Schedule Cap

12/25 – 1/31


2/14 – 3/14


3/27 – 5/9

Protocol ERC20
Minimum Contribution 0.1ETH / 0.01BTC etc
1PAT 14¢ – 50¢ (Us)


1. Product Development: “PATRON” mobile and DAPPS. Also, development cost of influencer complex platform, personnel expenses, resource acquisition, and advertising.

2. Global Expansion: Establishment of PATRON in Silicon Valley.

3. Toyo Influencer Hub: Office for influencers and for future influencers, marketers and engineers in Tokyo area of Japan. Equipped with a movie studio and work space.

Total amount of tokens issued/Allocation

Total tokens issued: 400,000,000 PAT PRE ICO: 60,000,000 PAT
Token sales: 240,000,000 PAT ICO: 36,000,000 PAT
Initial Influencer: 60,000,000 PAT
PREMIUM SALE: 84,000,000 PAT

Technical Data

Regarding to Cryptocurrency「PATRON COIN(PAT)」

PATRON is an open-source cryptocurrency, PATRON COIN(PAT).
PAT is the standard and common currency, used within PATRON’s ecosystem
PAT is implemented on the public Ethereum Blockchain, as an ERC-20 token.

Issuing of PAT

PATRON will distribute 240 million PAT within the ICO process out of the total supply of 400 million PAT.
160 million PAT is allocated to PATRON and is strategically used for distribution to board members, advisers and long-term development of PATRONs.
In an industry where the SNS marketing fee is 40%, introducing a smart contract technology produces the merit of eliminating brokerage fees, which will increase influencer’s income and decrease client payments.

・PAT as a contract transaction between host (influencer) and guest (contractor).
・PAT as a collaboration between host (influencer) and guest (influencer).
・PAT as an ambassador contract with an influencer.
・Acquisition, selling and trading of influencers using PAT.
・Influencer followers, fans can use PAT from PATRONs.
・Followers and fans vote for influencers using PAT.
・Influencers with more voting are displayed on the upper level.
・Fan voting is cleared when an appreciation fee is paid.
・Although the display rank drops when the contract occurs, if the fan vote increases, it goes to the upper level, and it gets easier to close the contract.

How to calculate appreciation

Influencer A;Contract: 6,000 PAT
In case; Fan 1:Vote10 PAT Fan 2:Vote 20 PAT Fan 3:Vote 30 PAT
Appreciation Fee for Contract Fee 6000PAT is PAT:5% → Total appreciation fee PAT300PAT
(1)÷(2)=5 → Appreciation fee per1PAT support is5PAT
Therefore, fan 1:5X10=50PAT, fan 2:5X20=100PAT, fan 3:5X150PAT


  • DEC 2017:


  • JAN 2018:

    PATRON ver.Prototype PreSale

  • FEB 2018:


  • MAR 2018:


  • MAY 2018:

    Exchange Listing

  • JUNE~JULY2018:

    Exchange Listing

    Patron Inc Establishment of Patron Japan Office

    Patron Inc Establishment of Patron Dubai Office

    Patron Inc Establishment of Patron SiliconValley Office

    ver. Beta -Release

  • JULY~AUGST 2018:

    ver. Beta -Release

    MORE: PATRON Funding (ICO function) Additional function implementation starts

  • September 2018:

    PATRON Block Chain ver development started

  • November~December 2018:

    PATRON Block Chain ver Release

Official Ambassador



Atsushi Hisatsumi



Mutsumi Ishihara


Kosuke Takada

Project support

Kayo Sato


Satoshi Fukudome

Sales Representative

Hideki Kimura

advisory board

Keith Teare

Accelerated Digital Ventures/Executive Chairman, TechCrunch founding shareholder

David A. Cohen

Hashgraph Advisor

Toni Lane Casserly


Samson (SAM) Lee

Ethereum South China/Co-Founder

Yagub Rahimov


Arda Kutsal

Founder, Webrazzi

Shintaro Akita

Global Energy Holdings/CEO

Rizmy Shariff

CEO of JHR Investments




Partner or Clients


White paper


MESSAGE FROM the founder

An influencer refers to a person who has a very strong influence in the social media space, including Youtubers, bloggers, and Instagramers.

Since 2010, I have been promoting influencer marketing in Japan, earlier than anyone else. As an influencer, I have worked tirelessly to spread the existence and influence of influencer marketing as a viable business model for brands and creatives. This has giving me and my team the ability to attract and broker influencers in a win-win situation.

In addition to that, we are currently accumulating “the ability to create better products”.

I will be the only Japanese entrepreneur admitted by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of the same age as mine.

By developing and implementing influencer sharing economies and services using blockchain technology, influencers from all over the world, including influencers in Japan, will be gathered on the platform and recruited.

Our sights are set globally and we are looking to have a global impact. We want to bring equality to influencers, especially the ones struggling to break out of a local market.

If you have an Internet connection, smartphone, or social media, we want you to have a platform you can trust and utilize to share your creative perspective.

Through PATRON, we are happy if we can give away love, courage and excitement to youth around the world.

Atsushi Hisatsumi