Startup Companies

1QBit 1QBit is a software and consulting company that solutions to large and difficult problems, using complex algorithms and software development tools utilizing both classical methods and quantum computers. Much of their work involves utilization of quantum annealing hardware. 1QBit has offices in Vancouver and Waterloo, Canada. Canada Software A*Quantum Founded in 2018 and based in Tokyo, Japan, A*Quantum is a company specializing in quantum computer software. They will develop software for both annealing and gate-level machines and collaborate with universities to nurture developers and provide coordination between companies. Japan Software AegiQ AegiQ is a spin-off from The University of Sheffield founded in 2019. AegiQ’s focus on high-performance quantum photonic applications with its core technology being in semiconductor-based deterministic and indistinguishable single-photon sources. UK Hardware Agnostiq Agnostiq is an enterprise security company building privacy solutions for users of quantum computers. The company’s mission is to develop robust security software tailored to NISQ-era devices. Their solutions allow users to keep their data and algorithms secure while being processed on the quantum cloud. This allows even the most privacy-sensitive users to unlock the benefits of quantum computers without compromising any of their proprietary data or algorithms. Agnostiq is based in Toronto, Canada, was founded in August 2018 and is a graduate of the Creative Destruction Lab’s 2018/19 cohort. Canada Software Algorithmiq Algorithmiq is a company that uses complex system approaches combined with quantum algorithms to tackle
computationally costly problems in life sciences and data science. They are also creating an online platform for learning about quantum science and technologies in a playful way. The company is based in Turku, Finland and was formed in August 2020. Finland Software Alice&Bob Alice&Bob is developing a universal fault tolerant quantum computer based upon research developed at French universities and research institutes. The technology uses superconducting detection of microwave photons and is expected to exponentially reduce bit-flip errors rates. The company was founded in February 2020 and is located in Paris, France. France Hardware Aliro Quantum Aliro Quantum is a quantum networking platform company that spun out of NarangLab at Harvard University. Aliro is leading the charge on quantum network market creation by offering the foundational technologies needed for organizations around the world to build powerful quantum systems. An Air Force Research grant recipient, Aliro is designing quantum network simulation and emulation tools while partnering with national labs and hardware vendors including Air Force Research Labs, IBM Q Network, Rigetti, Honeywell Quantum Solutions, and Hyperion Research to make scalable quantum computing accessible. The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts and was founded in 2019. US Software Alternatio Alternatio provides an agile cryptography accelerator so that any electronic device can be protected against quantum computer attacks. They use post-quantum standards recommended by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for secure end-to-end encryption. They were founded in 2016 and are located in Warsaw, Poland. Poland Communications Alpine Quantum Technologies, GmbH Located in Innsbruck, Austria, Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) is a recent spin-off formed by three physicists from the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The company’s goal is to construct a commercial quantum computer using ion trap technology. Austria Hardware Anametric Formed in June 2017 and based in Austin, Texas, Anametric (formerly known as Bra-Ket Science) is developing a new approach to practical room temperature qubit storage. Their first publications and patent filings are currently in process and more information on them will be published when it is available. US Communications Anyon Systems Inc. Anyon Systems Inc. is a Canadian technology startup initially had the mission of developing Quantum Electronic Design Automation toolkits for design and optimization of nano/quantum electronics. Once they were satisfied with the maturity of their simulation tools, they moved on to designing and building their own hardware, including proprietary cryogenics system and control electronics designed for superconducting quantum computing. With this completed, they are now in the early stages of commercializing integrated superconducting quantum computers. The company was founded in 2014 and is located in Dorval, Quebec and Waterloo, Ontario. Canada Software ApexQubit ApexQubit is a biotechnology company that is harnessing quantum computing for discovery of new medicines to treat undruggable diseases. The company was founded in November, 2018 and is located in Berkeley, CA, United States. They received angel investments from Overkill Ventures and HealthInc, and also have support from Nvidia, Amazon Healthcare and LifeSciences, Creative Destruction Lab, D-Wave, and Xanadu. US Software Apply Science Quantum Division Apply Science is dedicated to applied mathematics serving clients who are medium, big and enterprise sized companies that have decided to invest on data. They have joined the IBM Q Network to learn how to develop code for a quantum computer. They are working to provide products and services in quantum artificial intelligence focusing on quantum neural networks and also on virtual drug development. The company was founded in 2019 and is located in Bresso (near Milan), Italy. Italy Software aQuantum Formed in February 2018 and based in Madrid, Spain, aQuantum is a a research, development, consulting and services group in the fields of quantum software engineering and programming. Specializing in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, aQuantum works in the fields of Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computing, Software Quantum Quality, Governance and Management, Quantum Software Workforce, Development Tools and Machine Learning. Spain Software ArQit ArQit is working to provide the world’s first global quantum encryption SaaS Business. They will use QKD technology to create unique keys that can be shared between two parties using laser transmissions from a satellite. The company is based in London, England and was founded in 2017. UK Communications Toronto based is developing quantum information software that provides customers with solutions to R&D challenges and quantifiable business problems. The principals of this company have spent many years developing quantum algorithm and they already have a large library of routines available. They have recently developed a quantum computing and AI related platform image, called Bayesforge, which is provided as open source software for data scientists who need advanced analytical tools as well as for quantum computing and computational mathematics practitioners who seek to work with one of the major QC frameworks. is focusing on the global market with a particular emphasis on China and have an affiliate company in Shenzhen, China. Canada Software Aspen Quantum Consulting Aspen Quantum Consulting includes a team of quantum mechanics experts as well as individuals with expertise in legal, strategic consulting, and financial markets. Examples of some of their consulting work include evaluation of emergent technologies, connecting investors and inventors, personnel identification, and helping to craft a business plan. The company is based in Towson, Maryland and was formed in January 2020. US Consulting Atom Computing Founded in 2018 and located in the Berkeley, California, Atom Computing is focused on building scalable, universal quantum computers. Utilizing techniques pioneered by quantum gas and precision measurement experiments, Atom Computing will create machines using optically trapped neutral atoms capable of reaching the large qubit numbers needed for error corrected quantum computing. US Hardware Aurora Quantum Technologies AuroraQ (formerly QSpice Labs) strives to make quantum computers practical with hybrid quantum technology. They are an alumni of both the Creative Destruction Labs and Y Combinator programs. They were originally founded in Toronto, Canada in 2017 and have moved back to Waterloo, Ontario in Canada to continue work. Canada Hardware Automatski Automatski is an R&D holding company with locations in the Bengaluru, India and Los Angeles, California. They are performing research into several areas of quantum-inspired software to simulate various quantum computing configurations including a circuit-based quantum computer simulator, an adiabatic quantum computer simulator, and an annealing quantum computer simulator. They believe that their technology will allow them to simulate configurations with very large qubit counts. Automatski was originally registered in London in 2014, moved to India in 2016, and is now undergoing a restructuring and moving their headquarters to California. India Software Avanetix Formed in January 2019 and located in Berlin, Germany, Avanetix provides a vertically integrated and industry-specific application software stack that uses classical optimization methods, machine learning and quantum computing to solve supply chain challenges.  Their software will utilize a hybrid approach of quantum and classical technology as powerful technologies in a unique, vertically integrated and industry-specific application software stack to simulate and optimize complex scenarios exponentially faster. They are supporting enterprises in the automotive, manufacturing and logistics industries to automate and optimize their supply chains in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Germany Software Avid Quantum Avid Quantum is a new distributed quantum computing cloud platform. Their goal is to offer the foundational technologies needed for organizations around the world to build powerful quantum systems. Their initial offering includes a series of courses that help teach quantum computing concepts. The company was formed in December 2020 and they are based in Milpitas, California. US Consulting BardeenQ Labs BardeenQ Labs aims to fully unlock the potential of the emerging technological revolution by building technologies utilizing the “quantum advantage”. To do this, they are creating a coherent platform to develop quantum technologies and spin-out products (called Quanta). Their first product, BardeenQ Waves, will be quantum-enabled vision systems and quantum AI chips to guarantee the safety of self-driving cars using a technology based upon ambient temperature quantum devices. The company was founded in 2019 and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston, Texas. US Hardware Beit Beit was founded in 2016 and is based in Kraków, Poland. Their main goal is to design and implement an algorithm for solving all relevant NP-complete class of problems using quantum computers. NP-complete problems are abstractions relevant for many real world problems encountered in logistics, manufacturing and warehousing at scale. Their research is co-financed by the European Funds under the Operational Program for Intelligent Development 2014-2020 with a grant that totals 10.9 Polish Zlotys (about $2.9 million USD) from all parties. Poland Software Black Brane Systems Incorporated in February 2016, Black Brane Systems is a quantum machine learning and computing start-up located in Toronto. They provide a cloud-based, virtualized 128-qubit Virtual Quantum Machine (VQM) service called BLACKSTONE which can serve as a target simulator for quantum programs written in Microsoft’s Q# language. Underlying Blackstone is a proprietary breakthrough in data structures that allows an unprecedented level of scalability for quantum calculations on classical computers. Canada Software Bleximo Bleximo is building superconducting qubit based quantum accelerators which they call “qASIC” that work in conjunction with conventional powerful computers to tackle problems which are impractical or even impossible to solve on conventional digital computers alone. The company’s initial focus will be on providing quantum accelerators for simulating the structure and properties of molecules and chemical reactions. By modeling the behavior of certain molecules, Bleximo aims to help optimize drug discovery and drug design for pharmaceutical applications. Bleximo was established in 2017 and is based in Berkeley, California. US Hardware blueqat Based in Tokyo and established in 2008, blueqat (formerly MDR) develops middleware and applications for quantum computing, collaborating with Japanese domestic companies, organizations and universities. Blueqat provides a Python based SDK (Software Development Kit) called Blueqat for universal gate model quantum computers and Superfast, an NVIDIA CUDA based simulator. Blueqat has announced an agreement with D-Wave to use their quantum computers to develop quantum computing applications for machine learning and optimization problems. Japan Software Bose Quantum (「玻色量子」) Bose Quantum is developing quantum solutions based upon Coherent Ising Machine (CIM) technology. The founding team includes individuals from Stanford, Tsinghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known institutions. The company was founded in November 2020 and is located in Beijing, China. China Hardware BosoniQ BosoniQ develops tools and applications for quantum computing with light that have boson properties. The company is a spinout of blueqat and was formed in 2021. They are located in Tokyo, Japan. Japan Software BosonQ BosonQ develops world-class quantum computing software solutions including but not limited to computational fluid dynamics, computational structural dynamics, computational heat transfer, multidisciplinary optimization, computational aeroacoustics. These technologies will address key challenges in the field of aerospace, automotive, power generation, chemical manufacturing, polymer processing, petroleum exploration, medical research, meteorology, and astrophysics. The company was founded in August 2020 and is located in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. India Software Boxcat Founded in 2017 and located in Toronto, Canada, Boxcat leverages the power of quantum computing to render images and videos faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than current methods. They are targeting the media and medical imaging industries as potential customers for their solution. Canada Software BraneCell Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, BraneCell is building a new quantum microprocessor which can operate in an ambient environment. Their technology uses single molecule condensation and anti-condensation paired reactions in an ambient temperature apparatus. By their nature, these apparatus are artificial intelligence facile and allow for portable quantum computing because of the practical, moderate operating temperature. BraneCell’s approach is a little unique because they are targeting their technology to be used by individual customers in-house rather than access through a cloud environment. US Hardware C12 Quantum Electronics C12 is a spinout from a research group at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. The company was founded in 2020 and is developing a spin qubit device based upon carbon nanotubes for high stability. Their web site is still in development, but a description of the technology can be found here. France Hardware Cambridge Space Technologies Cambridge Space Technologies’ mission is to provide provably secure cryptography globally. They aim to provide direct access for government and commercial users to quantum keys distributed via satellites in low earth orbit. Their first project will place a CubeSat into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) using currently available infrastructure and launch systems to facilitate a new standard of secure communications. The company was founded in April 2019 and is located in Cambridge, UK. UK Communications Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited (CQC) CQC is company based in the United Kingdom with a focus on developing a Quantum Operating System including a platform for developing a quantum processor, and on related algorithms and software. CQC has built a proprietary operating system for Quantum Computers (t|ket>) and has a suite of quantum algorithms for applications and programmes in various stages of development. CQC has been working in the quantum computational chemistry area and recently announced they have successfully implemented state-of-the-art quantum algorithms on the IBM 16 qubit quantum computer to calculate the excited states of molecules that take into account multi-reference characteristics. UK Multiple Chicago Quantum Chicago Quantum, a division of US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, Inc. and located near Chicago, Illinois, was started in 2018 to focus on helping enterprise, commercial clients apply quantum computing to solve business problems. They also provide strategic solutions for information security, sourcing of IT services, and program management. US Consulting ClassiQ Founded in early 2020 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Classiq is a quantum software startup. The company builds the top layer of the quantum software stack, bringing automation and synthesis to the quantum algorithm design process and enabling quantum software development without limits. Israel Software CogniFrame CogniFrame, based in Toronto and founded in 2016 has built a “Financial Services Operating Layer” that sits on top of the quantum cloud to solve complex optimization and simulation type problems. Their focus is on creating quantum computing applications and current projects are with several large global financial institutions. They partner with leading quantum hardware providers and are a founding member of Quantum Industry Canada. Canada Software ColdQuanta ColdQuanta was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder. They develop and design instruments, components and systems for scientific and industrial quantum applications such as cold atom experimentation, quantum simulation, quantum information processing, atomic clocks and inertial sensing. In August 2018, ColdQuanta received seed venture financing of $6.75 million and recently they announced a sponsorship of research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison to accelerate commercialization of neutral atom based quantum computing technology. Their goal is to eventually move up the chain and market quantum computing devices in addition to their current subsystem and component level product lines. US Hardware ColibrITD ColibrITD is developing a framework called Q.U.I.C.K. (Quantum Innovative Computing Kit) to bring quantum computing to everyone. It will enable any company to submit their classical use case to be optimized for quantum computing. ColibrITD will transform the classical algorithm to an optimized quantum algorithm and select the best hardware to run it on. The company is located in Paris, France and was founded in July 2019. France Consulting Crypta Labs Crypta Labs, founded in 2014 and based in London, UK, has developed Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) to produce truly random numbers for use in encryption. Their patent pending technology uses the quantum properties of light from a mobile device’s lens and the light sensors to detect the photons beams and they count these photons to generate a random number. UK Communications Crypto Quantique Crypto Quantique has developed a chip that generates complete random cryptographic keys using quantum tunneling. They combine this with their their cryptographic APIs and key management system to provide a secure end-to-end IoT security platform. Crypto Quantique was founded in 2016 and is located in London, UK. UK Communications CryptoNext Security Formed in 2018 as a spin-off from INRIA, Paris and the Sorbonne University, and located in Paris, France, CryptoNext (formerly known as PQAT) develops quantum resistant algorithms for post-quantum cryptography. Their CryptoNext Quantum-Safe Library, is a cryptographic library that provides basic cryptographic public-key functionalities: quantum-safe signature and quantum-safe key-exchange (more precisely, Key Encapsulation Mechanism). The library offers a selection of the most promising quantum-safe algorithms selected at IETF and at the second stage of the NIST post-quantum standardization process. France Communications D Slit Technologies Founded in June, 2018 and located in Tokyo, Japan, D Slit Technologies is a company that solves business problems by utilizing the principles of quantum mechanics. Their services include developing algorithms to implement applications on a quantum computer, providing a wide range of consulting support on quantum computing, and investigating the latest research on quantum computers and supporting proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstrations. Japan Software Dark Star Quantum Computing Laboratories Dark Star Quantum Computing Laboratories is a Defense/Space company currently conducting research & development in Applied Quantum Mechanics, Applied Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), and quantum information science (QIS). They provide the United States government and Industry with UI/UX-friendly quantum computing software applications for use case analysis. Their unprecedented quantitative simulation modeling capabilities will provide insights and approximation capabilities of QC algorithms, and QIS-networking solutions which can be used to model a growing menagerie of use cases spanning the defense, aerospace, and space ex technology. The company was founded in July 2020 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. US Software Data Analytica Data Analytica was formed in 2011 and originally named Data Nubes. Their goal is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to help businesses streamline processes, extract value, lower the time-to-answer, as well as the IT costs, and ultimately increase productivity and competitiveness. They have expanded their offerings to include quantum computing related software and education. They have recently introduced a quantum simulator called DAQSim and are offering quantum consulting either on-site or over the internet. The company is based in Dripping Springs, Texas. US Software Delft Circuits Delft Circuits is based in Delft, The Netherlands and provides quantum hardware solutions. Their Cri/oFlex® product line, is an ultra-low thermal conductance and massively scalable cryogenic I/O solution using superconducting circuits on flexible substrates. They also design and fabricate custom-engineered superconducting quantum circuits and cryogenic instrumentation. Netherlands Hardware Driven Quantum Technologies Driven Quantum Technologies was founded in April 2019 and is based in the Washington, DC area. They are involved in the development of IP for eventual technology licensing to companies involved in designing quantum computing related products for quantum sensing/metrology, quantum biology, military/intelligence, medical/assistive, and other applications. The company is still in stealth mode. US Multiple D-Wave Systems Inc. D-Wave was one of the earliest commercial companies formed to pursue quantum computing. There were founded in 1999 in Vancouver, Canada with the goal of making practical quantum computing a reality and have focused on developing a series of adiabatic quantum annealing processors that can be used with quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problems. Their latest machine is a 2000 qubit machine called the D-Wave 2000Q. D-Wave offers this machine for sale to customers who wish to install a machine on-site. D-Wave also provides offers cloud computing services for customers who wish to access this capability remotely. In addition to the hardware, D-Wave also offers a full suite of software development tools and libraries to help their customers accelerate the development of applications for use on the machine. Canada Hardware EeroQ EeroQ is a quantum hardware start-up based in New York and Lansing, Michigan formed earlier in 2017. They are working on developing a unique quantum chip that would have potential advantages over other qubit technologies. Their technology is based upon an electronics on helium approach which is described here. EeroQ is co-founded by Professor Johannes Pollanen at Michigan State University (MSU), Nick Farina and Faye Wattleton. Professor Pollanen has funding from MSU and an NSF grant, and EeroQ has additional private investors. US Hardware eleQtron eleQtron develops and operates quantum computers based on trapped ions, RF control and Magnetic Gradient Induced Coupling (MAGIC). Their intermediate-scale quantum processors will be optimized for near-term industrially relevant quantum applications. They will also implement breakthrough concepts for scalable quantum processors based on RF-controlled trapped ions. eleQtron will operate MAGIC quantum computers and offer quantum computer performance with a subscription model. The company was founded in May 2020 and is located in Siegen, Germany. Germany Hardware Elyah Elyah is a quantum software company that actively builds and improves upon existing quantum algorithms to make them faster and easier to implement for future quantum computer applications. The company offers a visual quantum programming tool called Quantum Workbench. They were founded in 2018 and are based in Tokyo, Japan. Japan Software Entangled Networks Entangled Networks is developing a quantum interconnect and supporting software to enable multi-core architectures which will solve the scalability challenge. The approach is similar to the one used for building CPU interconnects used in supercomputers via special purpose equipment. The company is a Canadian-Israeli company and was registered in Toronto, Canada in February 2021. Canada Communications Entanglement Inc. Entanglement Inc. is a leading quantum and novel computing company accelerating Quantum Information Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations. Entanglement brings together diverse forms of computing systems from best-of-breed companies, integrates them in a secure facility – the ultimate high performance playground to experiment, ideate, iterate and innovate. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in New York City. US Other Entanglement Partners Entanglement Partners is a consulting firm with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain that provides consulting services in the areas of Events & Communications, Go-to-Market, Infrastructure, Quantum Applications, Strategic Consulting, and Venture Building. They have additional resources in Madrid, Spain, San Jose, California, and Kerala, India. Spain Consulting Entropica Labs Entropica Labs is a Singapore based quantum software company. They are focusing on using quantum computing for computational genomics applications in market segments such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agritech. Entropica Labs has support from the SGInnovate, Creative Destruction Lab and Entrepreneur First (EF). Singapore Software equal1.labs equal1.labs has been developing silicon based quantum computer technology since 2017 in collaboration with the University College Dublin. Their hardware development laboratory is in Fremont, California and their silicon design center is at NovaUCD in Dublin, Ireland. They are using a GlobalFoundries FDX-22nm FD-SOI process to develop silicon based qubit chip with integrated control electronics. Their next test chip will integrate 424 qubits into a controllable quantum gate matrix allowing efficient implementations with C3NOT arrays with adjustable connectivity. Ireland and U.S. Hardware evolutionQ evolutionQ offers a suite of proprietary products and services including quantum risk assessments, roadmap design and implementation, quantum safe hardware and software, and education services to allow organizations to avoid quantum security threats to their IT infrastructure. They are based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and were formed in 2015. Canada Communications EYL EYL provides an tiny 5-millimeter quantum random number generator chip based upon a radioactive isotope method. EYL is also developing an ultralight chip encrypter for all IoT devices as well as a thin film-type quantum random generator for ID and credit cards. The company was formed in 2015 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea with additional offices in Arlington, Virginia. South Korea Communications H-Bar Consultants Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and founded by experts in quantum physics and technology, h-bar is the first consultancy specializing in quantum technology. They act as intermediaries and/or advisors for organizations looking to make investments or investigate issues related to quantum technology. They can advise clients globally on both business and technical issues. Australia Consulting High Precision Devices (HPD) HPD designs and delivers advanced cryogenic instruments and research equipment to support quantum information and superconducting supercomputing development companies. Their systems solutions, including probe stations and scanning probe microscopy, deliver very low temperature and vibration environments with excellent optical and electrical access. HPD is a private company formed in 1993 and located in Boulder, Colorado. US Hardware Horizon Quantum Computing Launched in January 2018, Horizon Quantum Computing is a Singapore-based early stage start-up focused on building software development tools to drive the next computing revolution. Singapore Software HQS Quantum Simulations Formed in 2018 and based in Karlsruhe, German, HQS Quantum Simulations (formerly Heisenberg Quantum Simulations) is developing quantum algorithms to predict molecular properties for performance materials, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. They also have developed a port between ProjectQ and Cirq, called CirqProjectQ. This port is a ProjectQ backend which can convert a ProjectQ algorithm to native Xmon gates that can be used to simulate a Google quantum computer with ProjectQ. Germany Software Huawei Although they are definitely not a startup company, Huawei is privately held by their employees and is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world. They are based in Shenzhen, China and achieved revenue of about $92 billion USD in 2017. They recently announced the HiQ Quantum Computing Simulation Cloud Service Platform and have described it as their first step in the research and innovation of quantum computing. China Other ID Quantique ID Quantique, based in Switzerland, provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation and quantum key distribution solutions and services to the financial industry, enterprises and government organizations globally. Switzerland Communications Inception Q Inception Q is focused on applying quantum image processing and complex network analysis to accelerate the discovery and neurobiological characterization of complex structural and functional connectivity patterns within the human connectome. The company is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in July 2020. US Software InfiniQuant InfiniQuant is located in Erlangen, Germany and hosted at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. They are in an early startup phase and are focusing on the development of Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) products based upon satellite and telecom fiber quantum channels. Germany Communications infinityQ InfinityQ is creating the first Quantum CMOS chip technology to operate at room temperature. They are using a fresh approach to quantum mechanics and electronics to exploit quantum effects at room temperature. Their goal is to design dedicated quantum hardware and bespoke applications which will be more compact, efficient, robust and accurate than existing systems enabling local integration for security and speed. The company is located in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada and was formed in January 2020. Canada Hardware IonQ IonQ is a new startup based in College Park, Maryland being formed by scientists at the University of Maryland and Duke University. They will be pursuing quantum computing based upon trapped ion technology. We will publish more information on them as it becomes available. US Hardware IQM Finland Founded in 2018 and based in Espoo, Finland, IQM is building scalable hardware for universal general purpose quantum computer based upon superconducting qubits. They were founded as spin-off of the Quantum Computing and Devices research group of Aalto University. IQM is making use of a patented patented quantum-circuit refrigerator technology that was originally developed at the Quantum Computing and Device research group. Finland Hardware ISARA Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and founded in 2015, ISARA provides quantum computer resistant software products and also provides customers with quantum readiness security planning. A key product is the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite which provides public key encryption and digital signature algorithms which cannot be broken by a quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm to factor a large prime number or by any other known classical or quantum algorithm. Canada Communications Janis Research Janis Research is a private company and is the only U.S. commercial manufacturer of dilution refrigerators for superconducting quantum computers. They were founded in 1961 and are located in Woburn, Massachusetts. For quantum computing applications, Janis offers the JDry series of cryogen-free dilution refrigerators with two different standard sized models along with a LabVIEW™ based JACoB gas handling controller to make running the refrigerators an easy task. US Hardware Jij Jij conducts R & D and software development aimed at practical application of annealing machines by a team mainly composed of experts who are conducting theoretical research on quantum annealing and applied research on real world problems. They are developing OSS software for the Ising Model (QUBO) called OpenJij. They were established in November 2018 and are located in Tokyo, Japan. Japan Software JoS QUANTUM Founded in 2018 and located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, JoS Quantum will provide software algorithms for quantum computers to speed up and improve the financial service industry. They plan on providing software packages, system integration services and an API to access quantum computers remotely with a particular focus on optimization problems for use cases such as risk management, fraud detection, trading, and more. Besides developing their own products they will also provide research-as-a-service (RaaS) and consulting services for knowledge transfer and software integration. Germany Software Ketita Labs Founded in 2018, Ketita Labs OÜ is an Estonian university spin-off. They develop software for near-term quantum computers. Estonia Software KETS Quantum Security KETS Quantum Security is based in Bristol, United Kingdom and has developed a range of technologies for quantum-secured communications, including quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generation (QRNG). Their devices are based on integrated photonic technologies leading to miniaturization, cost-effective manufacture, and complex functionality. KETS provides consulting services and joint development services to assist SMEs and global corporation in the custom development of quantum-secured solutions. UK Communications kiutra Kiutra develops fully-automatic solutions that generate cryogenic temperatures in the Kelvin and sub-Kelvin regime for quantum computers using a magnetic refrigeration technique. Unlike other technologies, their approach does not require use of the Helium-3 isotope which can be in short supply. They indicate their solution is user-friendly, low-maintenance and scalable. The company is a spinoff of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), was founded in July 2018 and is located near Munich, Germany. Germany Hardware Kunfeng Quantum Technology Kunfeng Quantum Technology is an entrepreneurial enterprise dedicated to the development and application of quantum technology. The company’s team includes technology and business industry veterans to support and promote the design, development, and application exploration of quantum technology by combining professional engineering and scientific research capabilities. The company is located in Shanghai, China and was founded in 2018. China Consulting Labber Quantum Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Labber Quantum develops control solutions for experimental quantum computing. Their product provides an interface between the quantum devices and the classical electronics needed for control and manipulation. The software handles instrument control, signal generation, qubit calibration and dynamical error suppression. This ensures that users get the most out of their qubits and allows them to accurately implement the intended quantum algorithms. The software is designed to work with any qubit type and instrument vendor, allowing flexibility in terms of hardware. Labber Quantum was acquired by Keysight Technologies in March 2020. US Software Low Noise Factory Low Noise Factory designs and sells very high performance room temperature and cryogenic low noise amplifiers. The bulk of their sales is to the quantum computing market and they are part of part of EU funded OpenSuperQ (An Open Superconducting Quantum Computer) project. Low Noise Factory is based in Göteborg, Sweden and was founded in 2005. Sweden Hardware M-Labs Founded in 2007 and located in Hong Kong, M-Labs main project today is ARTIQ (Advanced Real-Time Infrastructure for Quantum physics), a leading-edge control system for quantum information experiments. This hardware and software solution was originally developed in partnership with the Ion Storage Group at NIST, and is now used and supported by a growing number of research institutions worldwide. Hong Kong Multiple Magiq Magiq with R&D facilities in Somerville, Massachusetts previously developed quantum key distribution products called the QPN-8505 and Q-Box. These are no longer actively marketed as standard products, but Magiq will develop custom solutions for customers based upon the technology that they developed for these products. US Communications Maybell Quantum Industries Maybell is a stealth mode startup that is working in the quantum hardware space. The company was founded in March 2021 and is located in Denver, Colorado. US Hardware Menten Menten is a biotech startup developing a software platform for protein design using next-generation technology that leverages machine learning and quantum computing. The team has made significant progress towards their goal by developing the first fully scalable algorithm for peptide and protein design on a quantum computer and creating the world’s first peptide designed on a quantum computer. Menten was founded in August 2018 and they are located in Toronto, Canada. Canada Software Miraex Miraex develops, manufactures and offers photonic and quantum solutions for next generation sensing, networking and computing. Their industrial sensing solutions prevent asset failure before it happens in the most demanding environments, where standard electronic sensors do not work. They also build quantum integrated circuits for high sensitivity measurements and distributed quantum computing infrastructures. A key focus of the Miraex team’s quantum roadmap is to build the hardware that solves the challenge of connecting different QPUs (quantum processing units) together. This will enable the realization of a quantum internet, i.e. a distributed network of quantum computers connected via secure optical communication channels. Miraex has come up with their quantum converter, which can convert stationary (microwave) qubits into flying (optical) qubits and vice versa. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Switzerland Multiple Molecular Quantum Solutions Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS) provides computational tools to accelerate research & development efforts by the pharma, biotech and chemical industry. Their tools make use of super- and quantum-computers with computational models and algorithms to calculate the properties of materials and chemicals in a fast and efficient way. The company was founded in September 2019 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark Software Multiverse Computing Multiverse Computing provides software for companies in the financial industry that want to gain an edge with quantum computing. Their fields of expertise include portfolio optimization problems, risk analysis, and market simulation. They were formed in December 2017 and are based in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain. Spain Software NetraMark Located in the Toronto, Canada area and formed in late 2015, NetraMark uses classical and quantum machine learning to help pharmaceutical companies with failing or failed clinical trials and also to predict novel drug targets. They believe that their analytical tools can reveal insights about safety, placebo, and response that lead to massive savings in time and money for pharmaceutical companies. NetraMark is another alumni of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab’s Quantum Machine Learning program and they are currently working with several pharmaceutical companies to apply their technology. Canada Software NextGenQ Founded in 2019 and based in Rennes, Brittany, France, NextGenQ is working to build a quantum computer using ion trap technology. France Hardware Nord Quantique Nord Quantique develops quantum processors based on a second-generation technology. They have developed a technology that aims to reduce, as much as possible, the number of physical qubits required to encode a single logical qubit. The company aims to address the current quantum processor’s problems and to deploy the full potential of quantum computer applications. The company is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and was founded in 2020. Canada Hardware Nordic Quantum Computing Group (NQCG) NQCG, originally formed in 2000 and based in Oslo, Norway, is developing platform agnostic quantum software building on the latest advances in superconducting qubits and photonic quantum computing. Their applications R&D team is primarily developing hybrid quantum-classical and full quantum algorithms and applications for the financial services and industrial technology sectors, focusing on pursuing quantum advantage in the three quantum information technology core areas of simulation, optimization and artificial intelligence, as well as development of chip designs for optimized performance of quantum algorithms. Norway Software Nu Quantum Founded in September 2018 and located in London, UK, Nu Quantum is a spin-out from the Cavendish Lab at the University of Cambridge developing quantum security technology. UK Communications ODE, L3C ODE’s mission is to change the world by solving non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness chemistry problems with quantum algorithms running on any suitable computing platform including classic, hybrid classic-quantum digital or analog hardware. They have developed an algorithm called Quantum Learned Electrons and Nuclei (QLEAN) which they believe can provide better simulations than currently available computational chemistry packages that implement the Born-Oppenheimer (BO) approximation. ODE is based in Spokane, Washington and was formed in December 2018. US Software Opacity Opacity provides a software product called Quiver which maps out a detailed error landscape across a device to pinpoint and suppress errors and verify operation across the full quantum stack. They use a new approach based on learning a device’s Hamiltonian. Quiver provides a complete analog characterization of the noise in a device including unwanted inter-qubit interactions. It uses state-of-the-art statistical learning that is efficient and scalable, both experimentally and computationally. This enables noise mitigation at the software level and informs future iterations of hardware design. Opacity is based in Sydney, Australia and was formed in 2020. Australia Software Orange Quantum Systems Orange Quantum Systems provides an engineering service for labs that do research into quantum physics and quantum computing technology. Their team has a proven track record for designing, engineering, procuring and delivering complex experimental setups. This know-how is also being used to develop our own product line of quantum computers, which they are co-developing with their innovation partners. Orange Quantum Systems was spun out of QuTech in April 2020 and is located in Delft, The Netherlands. Netherlands Consulting ORCA Computing Based in London, UK and founded in September 2019, ORCA Computing is developing a scalable and flexible quantum computing using photonic technology. They have a proprietary quantum memory technology which allows storage and greater synchronization of quantum operations. This enables a ‘repeat-until-successful’ operation, rather than requiring a large number of separate components that work in parallel. UK Hardware Origin Quantum Computing Origin Quantum Computing was founded on September 2017 in Heifei, China by the doctoral team of the quantum information laboratory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They say that they are the first startup company in China whose main business is the development and application of quantum computers and indicate they will release China’s first quantum computing control system very soon. They have released a quantum software development kit called Qpanda 2.0 on GitHub which can be use to create quantum circuits and experiments on various quantum computers. Origin Quantum Computing has developed a 2 qubit chip based on quantum dot technology and a 6 qubit chip based on superconducting technology. They are also working on a full quantum computer as well as quantum cloud service platforms for both quantum simulators and quantum hardware chips. China Hardware Oxford Ionics Founded in April 2019 and located in Oxford, UK, Oxford Ionics is a new quantum computing spin-out from the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford. working to create a commercially viable ion trap based quantum computer. UK Hardware Oxford Quantum Circuits Oxford Quantum Circuits was founded in June 2017 by Professor Peter Leek, who is based at the Clarendon Laboratory Oxford, and is aiming to build a quantum computer based upon a superconducting circuit approach to forming qubits. The intention is to leverage the latest technology in this field and overcome the key challenge that has confounded researchers to date scaling the system up to a large number of qubits. Parkwalk Opportunities Fund Inc provided them with Series A funding in September 2017 for an undisclosed amount. UK Hardware ParityQC ParityQC (short for Parity Quantum Computing) was founded in January 2020 in Innsbruck, Austria and is a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck. They are a quantum architecture company which develops blueprints for quantum computers to solve optimization problems. The architecture delivers the instruction set and layout for quantum chips, be it digital or analog. They have a related software suite called ParityOS which optimizes the quantum algorithms as well as the hardware parameters. Their belief is that the co-development of hardware design and quantum algorithms facilitates the advantage of a perfectly aligned quantum computer for optimization problems. The architecture is based on the LHZ architecture and is compatible with all current hardware platforms including both gate-based and annealing methods. This allows them to provide a fully programmable, parallelizable (no SWAP gates), and scalable architecture which can be built with a greatly reduced complexity and a quantum optimization architecture which is independent from the problem. Austria Other Pasqal Located in Palaiseau, France (near Paris) and founded in 2019, Pasqal is building a programmable quantum simulator using atomic arrays of neutral atoms. The technology is based upon work done by the Quantum Optics – Atoms group within the Laboratoire Charles Fabry at the Institut d’Optique. France Hardware Patero Patero GmbH was founded in November 2017 specifically for the development and commercialization of a mobile phone with its own built-in proprietary quantum resistant crypto hardware (made in Germany) for the encryption of voice and data communication. Their technology will be made available to customers who have particularly high demands on secure communication and exchange of information, especially for authorities, journalists and to protect against industrial and economic espionage. The company has been headquartered in Hankensbüttel, Germany, but will be moving to Maryland, USA soon. Germany / US Communications Phase Space Computing Located in Linköping, Sweden, Phase Space Computing is a spinoff company from Linköping University which produces educational tools for quantum information science that can be used at the high school, undergraduate or graduate levels. They provide toolboxes which contain electronic circuit boards that approximate the behavior of quantum gates. These gates are modular and can be connected into quantum circuits. The toolboxes can demonstrate functions such as quantum key distribution, teleportation, superdense coding, the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm and Shor’s algorithm. Sweden Other PhaseCraft PhaseCraft is a quantum software company founded by professors from the University College London (UCL) and the University of Bristol. They will be working on a program with UCL, the University of Bristol, and Google on a research program involving quantum modelling and simulation. They are based in London and were founded in February 2018. UK Software Photonic Inc. Photonic is a spinoff of the Silicon Development Lab at Simon Fraser University developing quantum hardware based upon photonic and also spin qubit technologies.  They are located in Vancouver, Canada and were formed in October 2019. Canada Hardware PiDust PiDust uses available quantum computing hardware to simulate drugs, chemicals, materials and other quantum systems. Their methods are the building blocks for new material design and drug discovery and use quantum computers as an innovative platform to solve unsolved problems. PiDust is located in Patras, Greece and was founded in 2019. Greece Software, based in Toronto, Canada and founded in September 2019 is working on a core technology which leverages quantum computing and classical simulations to optimize chemical systems. They are focusing on improving sustainable materials and catalysts by using computational methods to significantly reduce the time spent on trial and error in the lab. Their first target is improving reactions that transform excess carbon dioxide emissions into value-added products. Canada Software Polaris Quantum Biotech POLARISqb is working to revolutionize drug design by joining Quantum Computing with AI and Precision Medicine. Their platform will produce up to 100 drug blueprints per year and will compress the lead time for preclinical drug candidates from 5 years to 4 months, enabling real time adaptability to the precision medicine market. They will own an IP portfolio of drug assets to license, sell, or develop internally. The company was formed in December 2019 and is located in Durham, North Carolina. US Software Post-Quantum (PQ Solutions) Post-Quantum (PQ Solutions) offers a variety of information security products and services including quantum secure encryption algorithms. They are based in London and were founded in 2009. UK Communications PQShield Founded in 2018 and based in Oxford U.K. as a spinout of the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, PQShield is developing real-world, high performance implementations of post-quantum cryptography algorithms. They are an active participant in NIST’s Post Quantum Cryptography standardization process and they are working with several candidate algorithms that are being evaluated as part of Round 2 selection process.  UK Communications ProteinQure ProteinQure is a biotech firm that uses computational R&D tools to perform drug design in silico. They leverage quantum computing, molecular simulations and reinforcement learning to engineer novel therapeutics. They were established in October 2017 and are based in Toronto, Canada. ProteinQure is also an alumni of the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto. Canada Software PsiQuantum PsiQuantum was formed in June 2016 and based in Palo Alto, California. They are using a photonic approach to manufacture a universal quantum computer at GlobalFoundries a CMOS silicon foundry Their goal is to provide a 1 million physical qubit quantum computer with error correction by the middle of this decade. US Hardware Q.ANT Q.ANT exploits novel quantum effects using light to realize new products in the field of sensing, imaging and computing. They take care of the complete optical process chain, starting from the conversion of electrons to photons, followed by the generation and exploitation of quantum effects and finally the reconversion into electrical signals and data. They recently announced they will enter the field of quantum computing with a goal of developing a fully functional quantum chip within five years. The company is located in Stuttgart, Germany and was founded in July 2018. Germany Hardware Q&I Q&I, based in the UK, provides consulting services and solutions across the full breadth of quantum technology sectors including how to resolve critical quantum information and technology challenges, as well as exploit their opportunities. Their activities range from broad scoping reports to detailed application-specific design studies, and services include quantum readiness assessments and support with due diligence in quantum technologies. UK Consulting Q-CTRL Q-CTRL is an Australian startup led by professor Michael Biercuk from the University of Sydney. They are developing a firmware framework for quantum computers to address the issue of error control. Q-CTRL has recently launched their first software product called Black Opal, a hardware agnostic control software program that works to reduce decoherence and errors at the physical layer. Users who have already signed agreements to use this software include IBM, Bleximo, and others. Australia Software Q-Lion Q-Lion is a quantum computing software company focused on creating realistic fault- tolerant quantum error-correcting codes (FTQECC) to combat decoherence in trapped ions quantum computers. They are working to distribute fault-tolerance QECC for a low number of ions with the aim to show some quantum advantage in the existing quantum processors. Q-Lion is based in Madrid, Spain and was founded in January 2019. Spain Software Q4B Technologies Q4B provides quantum computing strategy services, business consulting and application development across industries. The company was formed in 2020 and is located in London. UK Consulting Qabacus Qabacus (formerly known as Memcus Inc) is an early R&D stage Cybersecurity and Cyberinsurance startup. The company is focusing on development and manufacturing of next generation Quantum Computing and Cryptography technologies as well as design of a complete cyber-security software stack. The company was formed in July 2019 and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. US Communications Qaisec Qaisec provides state of the art end to end solutions for quantum encryption in banking, telecommunications, entertainment and gambling industry, corporate data security and state data security. They provide complete and seamless integration with existing equipment. The company is also working on Quantum Encrypted Blockchain (QEB) solutions for the banking industry and also various AI solutions. Qaisec was founded in October 2019 and is based in Bankya, Bulgaria Bulgaria Communications Qasky Qasky, or more formally called Anhui Qasky Science and Technology Limited Liability Company, was formed in 2016 in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China to commercialize quantum cryptography research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are offering or plan to offer products and services including the quantum cryptography communication terminal equipment, network switching/routing equipment, core optoelectronic devices and modules, opening experiment system, scientific instruments and network security control and application software, etc., and integrated solutions for quantum information security system. China Communications QBeeX QBeeX has has developed a full stack quantum accelerator that can be used to develop quantum algorithms. Those algorithms can be executed on their QBeeSim simulator platform to verify what kinds of solutions the quantum accelerator can be producing. The company was founded in September 2020 and is based in Brasschaat, Flemish Region, Belgium. Belgium Software QbitLogic QbitLogic is a quantum computing software company with a general focus on AI algorithms for quantum computers. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia. US Software Qblox With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers Qblox is pushing quantum technology to support scientists worldwide with their scalable and low-latency qubit control equipment. They are providers of quantum control stacks that can be integrated with customers’ quantum computers. The stacks combine unlevelled noise performance, low-latency arbitrary control flows and can be scaled up to 100s of qubits. The company is based in the Netherlands and is a 2018 spinoff of leading quantum institute QuTech. Netherlands Hardware qBraid qBraid is working to create and prepare the quantum workforce: making quantum programming easier to learn by making it easier to do. We offer a simple cloud environment to write quantum code, compatible across all quantum hardware, and interoperable with all quantum algorithm development tools. This includes integrated course and tutorial material to streamline the process of learning, building, and deploying quantum-enabled solutions. The company was founded in November 2019 and is located in Hanover, New Hampshire. US Education QC Ware Founded in 2014 and based in Palo Alto, California, QC Ware Corp. develops hardware agnostic enterprise software solutions for quantum computers. QC Ware delivers their capabilities through a cloud-based platform that runs on diverse QC architectures. Their software stack includes plug-and-play function libraries that support optimization, machine learning, and quantum simulations. In July 2017, QC Ware received Series A financing for $6.5 million. US Software QEDma Quantum Computing QEDma Quantum Computing is a quantum software company formed by Professor Dorit Aharonov of the Hebrew University, Professor Nathaniel Lindner of the Technion, and Dr. Asif Sinai. The company is developing algorithms and software tools that will be used by the world’s quantum computer companies to help them solve the critical problems to reach a state where these computers can be used to solve application problems. The company was founded in July 2020 and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel Software QEYnet Located in the Toronto, Canada area and incorporated in 2017, QEYnet is working to build the world’s first global quantum key distribution (QKD) network using satellite technology to overcome the distance limitations of fiber optic cables. The company was founded by a group of aerospace engineers who have built their careers designing small, low-cost, but highly-capable spacecraft. Canada Communications Qike Quantum Guokaike Quantum Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Qike Quantum, with registered trademark QUDOOR, focuses on the manufacturing of quantum communication equipment and the full-stack development of quantum computers. With rich product experience, it is a high-tech enterprise with independent core technology and comprehensive product development capabilities in the fields of quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum sensing, and has undertaken a number of national and industry standard formulation work. The company was founded in 2018 and is located in Beijing. China Multiple Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, S.L. was founded in 2019 and will be based in Barcelona, Spain. It is a spinoff of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the Institute of High Energy Physics (IFAE) and the University of Barcelona (UB). Their vision is to build a cloud platform available to everyone who would like to explore novel quantum computing technologies at low cost. They plan on constructing a coherent quantum annealer based upon persistent current flux qubits and offering access over the cloud. They will also have a services group that will assist companies to adapt their problems to quantum algorithms that run on quantum machines, focusing on hybrid optimization and ML algorithms. The company has already closed consulting contracts along both lines of business. In addition it is a member of the AVaQus annealing based variational quantum processors’ project funded by the European Commission in 2020. Spain Hardware Qindom Qindom Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, was founded in January 2018 as a Quantum Intelligence (QI) research and solution service provider. They are dedicated to reconstructing AI with quantum computing technologies in research and applications. Qindom’s open platform and intellectual properties are designed for applying quantum computing to revolutionize fundamental algorithms and models in AI and realizing quantum intelligence in real-world industry practices. Qindom has secured seed funding of $2 million from undisclosed investors. Canada Software Qnami Founded in 2016 and located in Basel, Switzerland, Qnami designs and produces quantum solutions for high precision sensing and imaging applications. They offer B2C microscopy solutions for device inspection and failure analysis at the nanoscale. In addition, they support companies with a quantum foundry for the design and production of ultra sensitive sensors across several areas including semiconductor, medical imaging and early-stage medical diagnostics. Switzerland Hardware QphoX QphoX is building what they call the world’s first quantum modem device, connecting quantum computers across a quantum network. They are developing a quantum transducer based on coupling microwave and optical photons through a mechanical intermediary resonator. The company was formed in April 2021 using technology from TU Delft and the company is located in Delft, The Netherlands. Netherlands Communications QpiAI QpiAI offers PaaS (Platform as a Service) and QpiAI ASGP (AI System Generating Processor, which is a hybrid classical, quantum computer) to enable not only highest data to insight efficiency, but to also generate new usable data. The goal of these products is to convert data into intelligence and provide more intelligent information than never before. The company is located in Bengaluru, India and Milpitas, California and was founded in November 2019. India Multiple Qrate Quantum Communications Qrate Quantum Communications, based in Skolkovo in the Moscow Region was formed in 2018. Their team is working on quantum cryptography product development. Current products offered include QKD systems, single photon detectors, and quantum random number generators (QRNG). The company has raised Series C funding. Russia Communications Qrithm Qrithm develops novel quantum algorithms with applications to machine learning, materials science, cryptography and high frequency trading. There were founded in 2018 and based in Pasadena, California. US Software Qrypt Qrypt, headquartered in New York City, was officially formed at the beginning of 2018 but had been in the works for many years prior. With high-level leadership expertise from the intelligence community, their hardware and software engineers are developing a cryptographic solution based on high speed quantum random number generation powered by multiple entropy sources exclusively licensed from national laboratories like Oak Ridge National Lab and others. They combine quantum random key generation with their own information theoretic secure algorithm to implement post quantum secure cryptography for use by Fortune 500, critical infrastructure providers and any other entities that needs to keep information secure forever. Their technology stack will also include additional security protocol layers such as AES, the future NIST PQC selected algorithms and others. Qrypt is an investor in Barcelona-based Quside, which is focused on developing high quality and high speed quantum random number generators. US Communications QSimulate QSimulate is a developer of tools intended for quantum molecular simulations in the cloud. The company offers a cloud-based time-to-solution simulation platform for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, enabling companies to accelerate their computational research and development. They have collaborations with Amgen, the Google AI Quantum Lab, and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab. The company has locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Pasadena, California and was founded in 2018. US Software Qu & Co Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Qu & Co partners with corporate clients to identify high-value business problems for which quantum computing is expected to provide tractability or speed-up compared to classical computing. Together with their scientific advisors (academia from the leading quantum information processing groups) their consultants and quantum-developers help clients to map their business problems to appropriate quantum algorithms, test those algorithms on a simulator, benchmark their performance against the available classical solutions, and select the best suitable quantum hardware for running the algorithms and to implement the chosen solution on the chosen hardware. Qu & Co works with multiple hardware developers to offer their clients the best suitable platform for solving their specific business challenges. Netherlands Software Quacoon Quacoon is a cross domain Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence innovator, working on industry relevant software solutions. Their mission is to accelerate adoption and execution of quantum computing and artificial intelligence in as many domains as possible. They were founded in January 2020 and are located in Lewis Center, Ohio. US Consulting Quandela Founded in 2017 and based near Paris, France, Quandela develops and commercializes high performance, compact devices for quantum optics applications. The core technology consists of semiconductor based photonic qubit generators (state-of-the-art deterministic single-photon sources) implemented to scale-up optical quantum computing protocols with a large number of photons. Leveraging this technology Quandela is also developing NISQ computing platforms. France Hardware Quantala Quantala is a knowledge company for quantum computing, founded by John Martinis. Its mission is to help build a fully functional quantum computer by identifying and solving technical roadblocks. The company is located in Santa Barbara, California and was formed in late 2020. US Consulting Quantastica Founded in February 2019 and located in Tallinn, Estonia and Subotica, Serbia, Quantastica provides software tools and solutions to help people utilize hybrid quantum-classical computing techniques. One of their key products is the Quantum Programming Studio, a web based graphical user interface for designing quantum algorithms and executing on simulators or real quantum computers.  The have also released software called Forest Backend for Qiskit that allow someone to run Qiskit programs on Rigetti simulators and quantum computers by changing only two lines of code. Estonia Software Quanterro Labs Quanterro is an association of researchers and entrepreneurs working in the development of quantum information and security. They address the global market need to focus upon middleware and software development for emerging quantum hardware from providers such as D-Wave, Google, IBM and others. The company also provides hosting, academic and consulting services in multiple industries such as cybersecurity, defense, public sector technology, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and education. They were formed in January 2019 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. United Arab Emirates Software QuantFi QuantFi is a French-based start-up research firm formed in 2019 that specializes in creating quantum computer algorithms for the financial services industry. They are engaged in academic research in coordination with various public bodies and have a long term strategy to utilize quantum computer technology to perform financial portfolio management. Their employees have expertise in finance, portfolio asset management, valuation, research, investment analysis, mortgage-backed securities, quantum computing, computer science, mathematics and physics. France Software QuantiCor Security QuantiCor Security provides post-quantum cryptographic solutions for Internet-of-Things (IOT) and blockchain applications. They recently received an Accenture Innovation Award for their security solutions. QuantiCor is located in Darmstadt, Germany and key personnel came from TU Darmstadt. The company was founded in June 2017. Germany Communications Quantika Quantika provides consulting services to navigate the emerging market of quantum technologies. Quantika has personnel based in the UK, France, and Japan and works with investors, start-ups, researchers, and corporate innovators with technology transfer and successful start-up creation. Japan Consulting QuantLR QuantLR provides QKD products based upon existing, off the shelf optical networking components which will enable them to have a significant cost advantage over other QKD approaches. They plan on selling their solution to existing fiber communications hardware vendors who will be able to easily integrate the QuantLR QKD solution into their product lines. QuantLR was founded in 2018 and is based in Jerusalem, Israel. Israel Communications Quantopticon Quantopticon is an early-stage company that produces unique modelling software for designing and optimizing quantum components, the building blocks of emerging quantum technologies, such as quantum computers and quantum communication channels. They were founded in 2017 and are located in London, England. UK Software Quantropi Quantropi has developed a software-based encoding engine which leverages principles of quantum mechanics to protect data-in-transit. The solution is lightweight, low-latency, and quantum secure, and has been implemented into a key distribution demonstrator. The goal is to develop an alternative solution to photonic quantum key distribution that doesn’t require new hardware with a specific near-term focus on Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  Quantropi was founded in January 2018 and is located in Ottawa, Canada. Canada Communications Quantum Base Quantum Base invents, designs, and develops mass producible quantum security solutions and devices at the nanoscale. These are based on quantum mechanics rather than mathematical complexity, so ensuring 100% secure digital information.  They provide optical and electronic PUF (Physically Unclonable Functions) devices which cannot be cloned, copied, or simulated which are used for security tags and quantum signature applications.  They also provide a nanoscale quantum random number generator (Q-RAND) that can be  integrated into existing and new microelectronic systems. The company was founded in 2014 and they are located in Lancaster, U.K. UK Communications Quantum Benchmark Inc. Quantum Benchmark Inc. is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and spun out of the Institute for Quantum Computing and the University of Waterloo in February 2017. They offer a range of products and services to serve both quantum computing users and vendors, across all quantum computing hardware architectures. Their flagship product is the True-Q software suite, an industry-standard tool for optimizing large-scale quantum hardware performance, which extends and validates the run-time capabilities for different user applications through the company’s world-leading error diagnostic and error mitigation technology. Canada Software Quantum Blockchains Quantum Blockchains Inc. aims to create a functioning blockchain technology capable of resisting the currently emerging threats from quantum computers. But instead of using post-quantum cryptography algorithms to protect the data, they will be using quantum key distribution (QKD). The company is based in Puławy, Poland and was formed in 2020. Poland Multiple Quantum Brilliance Quantum Brilliance is developing a quantum computing platform based on atomic-scale defects in diamond (nitrogen-vacancy centers) that will run at room temperature. They are a spinout of the diamond quantum program at Australian National University. Quantum Brilliance is based in Canberra, Australia and was founded in October 2019. Australia Hardware Quantum Circuits, Inc. Quantum Circuits, Inc. (QCI) was founded by three scientists from the Department of Applied Physics at Yale University with expertise in quantum devices and quantum information processing using solid state devices. QCI’s long-term goal is to develop, manufacture, and sell the first practical and useful quantum computers based on superconducting devices. QCI will also commercialize components, devices, and software that will accelerate basic research and enable the scaling of quantum computing. QCI was formed in late 2015 and is based in Connecticut. US Hardware Quantum Computing & AI Research (QCAR) Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan and founded in November 2017, Quantum Computing & AI Research (QCAR) is the first quantum computation related research private company in Taiwan. Currently they are focusing on modeling new topological qubits and also  serve as a consultant for all potential startup companies, not only in Taiwan but around the globe. Their web site is presently in Chinese, but you can use Google Translate to translate it. An English version of the web site is under construction. Taiwan Consulting Quantum Dice Quantum Dice is a technology spin-out from the University of Oxford, commercializing a self-certifying random number generator (QRNG) device which generates unbiased, true random numbers. The QRNG will be an integrated on-chip device which generates cryptographically secure random numbers allowing for use in a range of commercial applications. They were founded in July 2019 and headquartered in Oxford, England. UK Communications Quantum Factory Quantum Factory GmbH is a startup founded in 2018 in Munich, Germany to build ion-trap based quantum computers and sell computational power as a service. Quantum Factory’s unique advantage is a proprietary ion trap drive that simplifies the joining of ion trap modules and the establishment of junctions in an ion trap. Quantum Factory plans to build quantum computers modularized to the extreme and readily scale them to large numbers of physical qubits while providing high quantum gate fidelity. Germany Hardware QuantumFD QuantumFD is developing software that takes advantage of the computational power of a quantum computer. Their first project is to develop QADE – which stands for Quantum Algorithms Development. Its capabilities are to run numerical simulations and solve aerodynamic problems using computations calculated on quantum machines. The company is based in Munich, Germany and was founded in 2016. Germany Software Quantum Flytrap Quantum Flytrap is a quantum software & design company developing interfaces for quantum computing and quantum cryptography, enabling easy use of quantum tech across disciplines and applications. They aim to build the standards for interaction with quantum systems. They have a real time browser based simulator that can perform simulations of a few entangled particles and provide an accessible way to prototype experiments or teach quantum. Their first full product, the Quantum Lab, is already used at Stanford University and is being incorporated into interactive teaching materials at the University of Oxford. The company was founded in early 2020 and they are located in Warsaw, Poland Poland Software Quantum Generative Materials Quantum Generative Materials, LLC is a company still in stealth mode, but has a primary goal of commercializing new quantum computing technologies to accelerate material science discovery and development. The company is partially owned by Comstock Mining and was founded in May 2021. They are based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. USA Software Quantum Impenetrable Formed in April 2018 and based in Scotland, Quantum Impenetrable has developed a cryptographic hardware security module (HSM) inspired by genetics and quantum physics and combined with a quantum / true random number generator that provides encryption that the company says is unbreakable by either classical or quantum computers. UK Communications Quantum Machines Founded in March 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by three physicists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Quantum Machines is developing operation and control systems for quantum computers – hardware and software that allow to realize the potential of quantum computing. Their technology is based upon integration of a wide range of fields, including digital signal processing, algorithms, FPGA, chip design, RF/microwave engineering, programming, optimization, machine learning and quantum physics. Israel Multiple Quantum Mads Quantum Mads aims to dissect both theoretically and practically the intrinsic dynamics of complex financial systems, creating solutions that will disrupt the current state of the art modeling techniques and allowing to have unique insights to add disruptive value to the client’s solutions. The company is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and was founded in May 2020. Spain Software Quantum Microwave Quantum Microwave develops and manufactures cryogenic microwave components for quantum computers. Their products include cryogenic bias tees, cryo diplexers, cryo filters, cryo attenuators, cryo terminations, cryo image reject mixers, and cryo directional couplers. Quantum Microwave is based in Cohasset, Masachusetts and was formed in 2016. US Hardware Quantum Motion Technologies Quantum Motion Technologies was founded on the research undertaken by Professor Simon Benjamin (Department of Materials, Oxford) and Professor John Morton (Department of Engineering Science, Oxford). The company was formed in June 2017 and located in Oxford and London, United Kingdom. The company aims to develop quantum computer architectures based on silicon technology, leveraging CMOS processing to achieve high-density qubits which can scale up to large numbers and tackle practical quantum computing problems. They received seed funding from the Parkwalk Opportunities Fund in November 2017. UK Hardware Quantum Phi Quantum Phi is a consulting, analytical and research company in Prague, the Czech Republic, that focusses on quantum technologies, knowledge of their principles, usage and the quantum technologies industry itself. In addition to civilian applications of quantum technologies, they specialize in the use of quantum technologies for the space, security and military industries. Czech Republic Consulting Quantum Quants Quantum Quants helps companies and institutions to get insights on quantum computing and its applications to real world problems. They offer courses and workshops on quantum mechanics, quantum computing, applications to finance, data science, material research and development and prototype implementation of algorithms and models in IBM Qiskit framework, Google Tensorflow Quantum, AWS Amazon Braket and D-Wave Leap2. The company is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands and was founded in October 2020. Netherlands Consulting Quantum-South Quantum-South works with complex, optimization problems for cargo by leveraging quantum computing software. Their goal is to achieve better results than current conventional solutions and help companies to improve revenues and reduce costs. They also work in financial problems where a quantum advantage can provide better solutions. The company is based in Montevideo, Uruguay and was founded in November, 2019. Uruguay Software Quantum Thought Founded in 2019 and located in Tiburon, California, Quantum Thought is a strategic consulting firm focused on quantum computing for the enterprise. Their team includes quantum computing experts combined with AI and cybersecurity leaders in order to help companies ready themselves for a quantum computing future. US Communications Quantum Trilogy Quantum Trilogy was founded in 2016 and is located in New York City. It leverages the work carried out since 1991 by Swiss researchers on the correlation between quantum physics and cybersecurity. The company has been developing a new generation technology using quantum physics to secure its corporate and public clients’ communications. They believe that the absolute protection method to secure communications and data as well as key infrastructure will come from Quantum Key Distribution, which provides unmatched security, regardless of the operating speed of traditional and quantum computers, or the effectiveness of decryption algorithms. US Communications Quantum Xchange Quantum Xchange is offering the first commercial quantum-secured networks in the United States utilizing QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) technology with a service they call Phio. They are partnering with communications infrastructure Zayo Group to use dark fiber that Zayo has available, ID Quantique for quantum key distribution (QKD) hardware and the research institute Battelle for trusted node hardware. Quantum Xchange recently announced their first installation which connects the Wall Street area of New York City with the back office operations of various financial firms in New Jersey. Quantum Xchange was founded in 2016 and is based in Bethesda, Maryland. US Communications QuantumCTek Located in Heifei City, China, QuantumCTek is the first provide in China of multi-protocol network security products and services based upon quantum technology. The company produces state-of-the-art quantum communication systems and opto-electronic units with the commercial applications for the financial industry, government organizations and other enterprises, as well as the research applications for the scientific societies. Products that they offer include quantum encryption, quantum gateways and optical switch products. The company was founded by the Chinese leading quantum physics research group from Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at Micro-scale (HFNL) and University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). China Communications Based in Warsaw, Poland and founded in June of 2019, is developing a very efficient Quantum Simulator Platform (QSP) based on the idea of parallel programming on GPUs which will be offered as a service. The QSP will be equipped with functionality to efficiently build, run and manage customer’s quantum algorithms. They are also developing post-quantum cryptography (PQC) software solutions named “banax” to support quantum resistant internet communication for commercial usage. In addition, they are also building hardware products capable of post-quantum encrypted communication. Poland Software QuantWare Quantware provides superconducting quantum processing units (QPU) chips for customers who want to develop a quantum computer but desire some help with creation of the chip. Their first products include Soprano, a five qubit chip with single qubit gate fidelities of 99.9% and Cresendo, a traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA) that introduces the minimum amount of noise allowed by nature. The company is a spinout from QuTech is located in Delft, The Netherlands and was founded in late 2020. Netherlands Hardware QuantyCat Founded in 2020 and based in Seattle, Washington, QuantyCat helps solve business problems by developing applications accelerated by quantum computing. They are creating cloud-based APIs don’t require quantum experts to use or manage. The first hardware platforms they will be supporting include D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti through Amazon Web Services. US Software Quaxys Quaxys provides hardware and software solutions for quantum technologies, especially for quantum computing. Their current focus is to facilitate the research and development of superconducting and spin qubits. The integrated solutions of Quaxys are directed towards room temperature as well as cryogenic instruments. Quaxys’ lead product is the Quantuware 4840, an ultra-compact qubit control and measurement unit with unique performance and capabilities. The combination of Quantuware 4840 with Quaxys software allows performing various qubit control and measurement scenarios by a single click. The company was founded in 2020 and located in Maryland. US Hardware QuBalt GmbH Founded in 2015, QuBalt has administrative headquarters in Hamburg/Neumünster, Germany and research headquarters in Riga, Latvia. They develop quantum resistant cryptography algorithms and are also working on quantum computing software algorithms. Germany Communications Qubitekk Qubitekk, founded in 2012 in San Diego, California, recently announced the availability of the world’s first plug-and-play entangled photon generator, the QES1. Like the transistors at the hearts of classical computers, the QES1 enables the flow of information through quantum computers and quantum encryption products – both of which the company is currently developing. US Communications Qubit Engineering Qubit Engineering is a quantum software computing company that has developed new optimization methods for micro-siting wind turbines. The quantum powered micro-siting software will considerably improve the efficiency of wind farms and reduce the overall cost of the projects. They are located in Knoxville, Tennessee and were founded in August of 2018. US Software Qubit Pharmaceuticals Qubit Pharmaceuticals, founded in May 2020, is a spin off from CNAM, CNRS, University of Texas at Austin, Sorbonne University and Washington University, and based in Paris, France. They are developing a software simulation platform called ATLAS which is intended to transform the way drugs are developed by moving from approximation to prediction. The platform allows the calculation of absolute free binding energy of molecules with the highest accuracy. Their software is currently running on large classical supercomputers with the intention of migrating to hybrid classical-quantum systems and then full quantum approaches as the quantum hardware technology matures. France Software Qubit Reset LLC Qubit Reset was formed in October 2018 and is based in Aventura, Florida. Their main research area is quantum repeaters for the quantum internet, but they are also working in other product areas including classical-to-quantum interfaces and quantum key distribution (QKD). US Communications Qubitor Qubitor is a technology incubation company to build intellectual property and launch startups. Their quantum computation lab is developing quantum based applications especially in Machine Learning and AI. The company was founded in 2017 and based in Singapore. Singapore Other QuDot Founded in May 2018 and located in Fremont, California, QuDot provides quantum circuit simulation software using their patent pending QuDot Net technology to simulate universal quantum computers on commodity hardware. QuDot Net uses a special type of Bayesian Network that allows for the efficient representation of some qubit systems. US Software QuEra Computing QuEra Computing is using a neutral atom technology platform to build a  scalable, powerful, commercially relevant quantum computing capability. The research team includes many members from the cold atom research groups at Harvard University. They were founded in 2018 and are located in Somerville, Massachusetts. US Hardware Quintessence Labs Based in Deakin, Australia, Quintessence Labs provides quantum true random number generators and quantum key distribution. They currently have in development what they call a second generation quantum key distribution system. This uses a continuous variable bright laser beam for key distribution that can leverage commercial off-the-shelf telecommunications components and existing fiber optic cable to provide very high data throughput rates and a very cost competitive solution. Australia Communications QuiX Formed in January 2019 and located in Enschede, The Netherlands, QuiX is developing a photonic quantum processor based upon silicon nitride waveguides. The founding team includes scientists from the University of Twente and the Amsterdam research institute AMOLF. QuiX intends to offer the first components of their computer in two years and their technology will operate at room temperatures eliminating the need for costly dilution refrigerators. Netherlands Hardware Qulabs,ai, founded in late 2017, is focused on building quantum networks/quantum internet and developing expertise in quantum machine learning for finance and new drug discovery verticals. They have created a business unit QuAcademy which aims to facilitate training of students with the combination of skills required for the conceptualization, development and translation of new quantum technologies. They currently work with research labs at IIT Hyderabad, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Bengaluru. India Multiple QunaSys QunaSys, located in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in early 2018 by researchers from the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, and Kyoto University. They develop applications using quantum computing with a focus on quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning and optimization. They are also conducting maintainence and developing new functions for the Qulacs simulator which was originally developed at Kyoto University. Japan Software Qunnect Qunnect was formed in 2017 as a spin-off venture from the Quantum Information Technology group at Stony Brook University (Long Island, NY, USA). They provide a commercial toolbox of quantum devices specifically designed and optimized to upgrade the current digital communication technology into an un-hackable fully secure long-distance quantum communication network. They have developed several portable modular technologies needed to build a fully protected quantum cryptographic network including quantum light sources, characterization devices and quantum light matter interfaces aimed to store and transform quantum information (e.g. quantum memories, quantum logic gates and quantum frequency conversion units). These technologies are room temperature quantum devices which together can efficiently map the quantum state of flying quantum bits onto atomic media, thus creating a pathway to overcome the inherent losses in classical communication channels. US Communications QuNu Labs Founded in September 2016 and located in Bangalore, India, QuNu Labs develops Quantum cyber-security products using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Technology. Their first product is a basic QKD system using Differential Phase Shift Protocol and builds upon four years of initial research followed by incubation at IIT Madras. The company indicates that their systems are optimized for Indian operating conditions and highly cost competitive. India Communications QURECA QURECA, QUantum REsources & CAreers, was founded in June 2019 and is based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. QURECA provides professional services and resources needed for businesses and institutions to be ready, make a difference, and create value with quantum technologies. The company focuses on developing the skills for the quantum workforce. Services QURECA offers include business development, business intelligence, training, and resourcing. UK Consulting QuRISK QuRISK was created in early 2021 as a result of a substantial and durable collaboration between CLARICE SAS (A French Technology & Risk start-up) and Dr Joe Ghalbouni, Researcher in Quantum Computing and Communication. They elaborate a complete Quantum Computing Framework to help their clients Assess, Mitigate and properly Overcome Quantum threats, while embracing the many opportunities provided by this emerging technology. The company is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. France Consulting QuSecure Located in Menlo Park, California and founded in 2019, QuSecure’s products and services include a quantum resilient blockchain, quantum penetration testing and a quantum enabled policy server. The QuSecure team consists of researchers who share decades of experience in Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies, combined with seasoned Silicon Valley business leaders who know how to build, scale, protect and innovate. US Communications Quside Quside designs and markets quantum technologies to power all connected devices with the highest quality components. Their proprietary quantum entropy sources enables ultrafast, quantum random number generation for mobile, IoT and data center environments. They are located in Barcelona, Spain and were formed in September 2017 as a spinoff of ICFO. Spain Hardware Rahko Rahko is a quantum machine learning company with experts in quantum machine learning and quantum software engineering. They were founded in June 2018 and are located in London, UK. UK Software ReactiveQ ReactiveQ is tackling materials design where functionality, durability, life, cost, and sustainability are desired characteristics for optimization. They are researching NISQ algorithms as well as conduct fundamental research in preparation for the post fault-tolerant quantum computing era that will be realized decades from now. They are building a materials discovery platform that uses multiphysics simulations and empirical data to accelerate the process of materials discovery. The company is located in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2018. Canada Software Rigetti Computing Rigetti Computing was founded in 2013 and is based in Berkeley, California with a fab facility in Fremont, California. They are a full-stack quantum computing company that provides an integrated computing environment. Their Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) is our quantum-first integrated cloud platform that gives users access to our real quantum hardware through a virtual programming environment. Rigetti acquired QxBranch in July 2019 to help provide tight vertical integration at the application layer which they believe to be particularly important in the NISQ era. US Hardware Riverlane Incorporated in 2016 and located in Cambridge, UK, Riverlane builds ground-breaking software to unleash the power of quantum computers. Backed by leading venture-capital funds and the University of Cambridge, Riverlane develop software that transforms quantum computers from experimental technology into commercial products. Riverlane is leading a consortium to build Deltaflow.OS; a radically new operating system for quantum computers. UK Software Seeqc In 2017, Seeqc was spun-out of Hypres, a leading developer of superconductor electronics. Seeqc owns, upgrades, and operates a state-of-the-art multi-layer superconductive chip fabrication facility and provide foundry services for superconducting devices. They are also developing a new approach to making quantum computing useful, via fully Digital Quantum Computing. The solution combines classical and quantum computing to form an all-digital architecture through a system-on-a-chip design that utilizes 10-40 GHz superconductive classical co-processing to address the efficiency, stability and cost issues endemic to quantum computing systems. The company is headquartered in Elmsford, New York, with additional facilities in Italy and the U.K. US Hardware Semicyber Based in McLean, Virginia and founded in February of 2018, Semicyber specializes in the delivery of data analytics, quantum algorithms, and software services for mission-critical challenges. They announced that they are working with the US Air Force AFWERX on the next generation of quantum algorithms. US Software SheQuantum SheQuantum is an eLearning firm that provides quantum computing exclusive education with the objective of “Connecting more women to Quantum”, founded in 2020 in India. The Founder & CEO of SheQuantum, Nithyasri Srivathsan is poineering the crucial task of inspiring women across the globe to pursue Quantum Computing through SheQuantum’s educational content like lecture series and talks, & inspiring interviews of Quantum industry leaders and academic experts. Nithyasri’s vision for SheQuantum is to build a talented women quantum computing workforce through premium certification courses for which it plans to provide special scholarships to its women students. India Education SHYN Founded in 2016, SHYN is a Sofia, Bulgaria-based company working on quantum data visualization. With early financing from Google and support from Amazon they aim to use quantum algorithms to visualize variance (inaccuracy) in data: from stock prices to weather forecasts. The company believes a layer of context, powered by quantum architecture, can help data consumers form better decisions. Bulgaria Software Sigma-i Sigma-i is an “academic tech company” established in 2019 by three researchers from the Tohoku University Quantum Annealing Research & Development group in Sendai, Japan. Its mission is to tangibly deliver brand new technologies after they have been developed within universities and/or research laboratories. Their mission is to tangibly deliver brand new technologies after they have been developed within universities and/or research laboratories. Their initial offering will be to provide quantum consulting services and access to the D-Wave’s family of systems to companies, universities and research laboratories throughout Japan. Japan Consulting Silicofeller Silicofeller develops superconducting quantum processing units (QPU) and quantum sensors. Their main focus is developing fault-tolerant quantum computers with over 1000 qubits or quantum bits by the end of 2023. They have successfully designed a ten-qubit quantum processor and are looking to deploy it in the market by the end of 2021. The company is headquartered in South Delhi, India and was founded by Manan Narang in the year 2021 with the sole aim of making quantum accessible to the people of the country. India Hardware Single Quantum Single Quantum was founded in January 2012 in Delft, the Netherlands as a spin-off from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at TU Delft. Single Quantum develops and manufactures single photon detection systems based on the technology of superconducting nanowires. The products are designed for applications in quantum information technology, quantum communication and quantum cryptography, infrared time-resolved spectroscopy, laser ranging and remote sensing (LiDAR). Netherlands Hardware Silicon Quantum Computing Silicon Quantum Computing is a spinout from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to advance the development and commercialize the technology from the university’s Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T). This company will be leveraging the silicon based qubit technology that CQC2T has been working on. The new company will be receiving $83 million AUS (about $66 million USD) in funding from Telestra, UNSW, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australian Federal Government, and the state of New South Wales. Their near term goals are to develop a 10-qubit quantum integrated circuit prototype in silicon by 2022 as the forerunner to a silicon-based quantum computer and to expand their patent pool. Australia Hardware softwareQ SoftwareQ provides a variety of quantum software and services including quantum simulators, quantum compilers and optimizers, educational software and consultancy services. The co-founders include Dr. Michele Mosca and Dr. Vlad Gheorghiu from the Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC). The company is based in Waterloo, Canada and it was formed in 2017. Canada Software Solid State AI Founded in October 2017 and located in Toronto, Canada, Solid State AI is building a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform using hybrid quantum-classical machine learning algorithms that enable process and equipment engineers to increase manufacturing yields, optimize process parameters, and reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime. These algorithms are particularly effective at predicting on sparse data sets – those with limited data, or those with lots of noise and only a few relevant signals. Solid State AI is another alumni of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab’s Quantum Machine Learning program. Canada Software Sparrow Quantum Sparrow Quantum is a start-up formed in May 2016 as a spin-off from the Niels Bohr Institute’s Quantum Photonics Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. They will be developing and commercializing photonic quantum technology components based on research and patents from the Institute. Their first product is a single photon chip that is being offered to researchers working on quantum photonics. Denmark Hardware SpeQtral SpeQtral (formerly known as S15 Space Systems) is a spin-off from the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The company is developing space-based quantum communication systems using small satellites which will deliver encryption keys via quantum signals. This technology will offer unprecedented security from eavesdropping and enable the next generation of secure communication networks. The company has licensed technology needed to develop compact quantum light sources from NUS and has also hired former CQT researchers to its team. Singapore Communications SpinQ SpinQ is committed to the industrialization of quantum computing, with the goal of developing practical quantum computers and providing a complete set of quantum computing solutions. At present, SpinQ has released the world’s first desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini” and the quantum computing cloud platform “Taurus”, which offers direct open physical underlying control access to real, physical quantum computers, providing users with a stable and easy-to-use quantum computing platform. SpinQ was founded in 2018 and is located in Shenzhen, China. China Multiple Spin Quantum Tech Founded in January 2018 and based in Bogotá, Columbia, Spin Quantum Tech is a quantum software company developing an adaptive collection of quantum algorithms that solves the next wave of cybersecurity trends. Their approach is based on AI and quantum computing to allow learning from the environment and self-improvement. They have a multidisciplinary team that has been working on AI for 15 years and their target markets include cybersecurity companies, solution and cloud providers. Columbia Software SpinUp AI SpinUp AI is a quantum computing software startup developing algorithms for financial markets. The company was originally named Enigma Quantum Limited when it was formed in 2019, but changed its name to SpinUp AI. The company is located in London, UK. UK Software Strangeworks Strangeworks is a quantum computing software startup in Austin, Texas formed in 2018. Their goal is to make quantum computing accessible via software designed for developers, system managers, and CIOs. Strangeworks also maintains their Strangeworks Community Platform web site which provides a front end to five different quantum frameworks from IBM, Microsoft, Rigetti, Google and D-Wave. US Software is a spinout of research from the EPiQC collaboration led by the University of Chicago and has a mission to build a full-stack, cross layer architecture for quantum computing. The company will help people building new quantum applications by opening up the inner workings of modern quantum computers and their elemental component, the qubit, to the developer. The company was formed in 2020 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. US Software Terra Quantum AG Terra Quantum AG is a quantum technology company that is developing deep tech applications based on quantum computing, hardware, software and algorithms. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Rorschach, Switzerland. Switzerland Multiple Tokyo Quantum Computing Tokyo Quantum Computing (TQC) is a software startup for quantum computing, formed in April 2017 and based in Tokyo, Japan. TQC was founded by Dr. Chiaki Yamaguchi. TQC has a plan to provide a set of computer program source codes for massive simulations of quantum annealing. Japan Software TundraSystems Global LTD TundraSystems was formed in 2014 and is located in Cardiff, UK. They are developing a line of systems based upon Quantum Optical Computing. An early target will be to create a Quantum Microprocessor which will be used as part of an quantum HPC system solution. Their system will be based upon a room temperature silicon photonics technology that they call Opticonductors. UK Hardware Turing Founded in 2016, Turing is located in New York and Berkeley, California. The have developed the XGR-1, Turing’s first generation groundbreaking quantum memory, forming the basis of a portable Quantum Hard Drive, which they call Turing QuBEs. Their vision is to go beyond Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for global secure communications by providing a network of quantum entanglement with superior flexibility and an unprecedented level of scalability. Their mission is to make quantum entanglement a commodity, forming the foundation for a world-wide distributed resource. US Hardware Unitary Zero Space Unitary Zero Space is a technology independent quantum computing and quantum technology services company. They educate and advise their clients in creating and securing business in the second quantum revolution. The company was founded in 2020 and is located in Helsinki, Finland. Finland Consulting Universal Quantum Founded in early 2019 and located in Brighton, UK, Universal Quantum is a spinoff from the Ion Quantum Technology Group at the University of Sussex and headed by Professor Winfried Hensinger. Their goal is to develop practical quantum computers using microwave trapped ion technology that uses long-wavelength radiation and locally applied magnetic fields to replace the vast amounts of individually controlled laser beams used in other ion trap implementations. UK Hardware VeriQloud VeriQloud’s development is centered on quantum network technologies, covering all aspects from protocols and applications to implementations using optical devices. Their goal is to build a commercial offer for clients that have high demands in terms of network security, with quantum network architecture and protocols specifically designed for them. VeriQloud believes that an appropriate use of quantum programming languages can push quantum networks much further than the sole task of establishing shared secret keys through quantum key distribution, even using only currently existing technologies. For this purpose, they are implementing quantum network protocols for various quantum communication technologies including the application of known protocols to industrial problems and development of new network protocols that take advantage of the high security of quantum communication. The company was founded in 2017 and is located in Montrouge, France. France Communications Xanadu Xanadu is a full-stack quantum startup founded in December 2016 and located in Toronto, Canada. They are developing a quantum photonic processor and an open-source full-stack quantum software platform called Strawberry Fields for photonic quantum computing. Strawberry Fields is implemented in Python and includes a quantum programming language called Blackbird. Xanadu has also started publishing results using their software in such diverse fields such as quantum chemistry, graph theory, machine learning and others. Canada Multiple Xofia Based in Houston, Texas and founded in early 2019, Xofia develops quantum algorithms to support the modeling of very complex systems. They are focused on developing quantum-based algorithms to support their mathematical modeling solutions based on the combination of first-principle and data-driven models to overcome part of the non-trivial complexity of reconciling multiscale, multiphysics systems with accuracy and causality simultaneously. US Software Zapata Computing Founded in 2017 and located in Boston, Massachusetts, Zapata Computing is a quantum computing software company spun out of Harvard University and launched by a group of Harvard scientists, including Alán Aspuru-Guzik. With Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, they develop solutions for a wide range of industries including chemistry, logistics, finance, oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceuticals and materials. Zapata’s platform, Orquestra™, allows users to compose quantum-enabled workflows and orchestrate their execution across classical and quantum technologies. Orquestra combines a powerful software platform, quantum algorithm libraries, and example workflows across machine learning, simulation and optimization. US Software Zurich Instruments Zurich Instruments Ltd. is a privately owned company developing and selling advanced test and measurement instruments equipped with software for dynamic signal analysis. The majority of their revenue comes from the quantum technology market and this is the center of the company’s strategy and R&D efforts. The company was founded in 2008 and their headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland with international subsidiaries operating in Shanghai and Boston. Switzerland Hardware ZY4 Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, ZY4 claims to have developed a new class of quantum invulnerable symmetric encryption. It is a fast, reliable form of end-to-end encryption with authentication that works over any distance on any data network. ZY4 encryption keys are designed to operate in a unique space of computational complexity with irreversible computational problems which are non-physical, combining information theoretic security and factorial space problems requiring either or both infinite memory or time for quantum computers (or conventional computers) to solve. Canada Communications